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Looking for a wedding videographer in the Austin, TX area who has a cinematic style, yet is also affordable?  You've found one!

I enjoy filming weddings and treat it as a serious hobby separate from my day job.  For this reason, I'm willing to charge less than many others do.  I enjoy it because it allows me to help people like you preserve the memory of one of the happiest days of your life, while giving me an opportunity to supplement my income by filming and editing a beautiful event.  My primary goal is to produce something that effectively captures the joy and excitement of your day, because that's what makes it fun to watch and satisfying to have made.  Please explore this site to learn what I offer, what it costs, and see some of what I've done in the past. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll consider my services as you plan your special day!

- Brian

Why Video?

Many couples I've spoken with seem to think of a videographer as a "nice-to-have."  After all, aren't photos almost as good, and so much easier to enjoy in the future?  I won't argue that a photographer isn't a must, but a video of your wedding is so much more than a moving photo album that you can't frame.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Video captures the emotion, joy and fun of your day in a way that still images simply cannot.  Pictures document the celebration, but video preserves it so you can relive it again.
  • Most wedding photos are all about the wedding party.  That's not a bad thing, but what about the family and friends who shared in your joy and carried you to this point?  In my videos, I make an effort to feature those at the wedding along with those in it.
  • Music!  Although I do not generally feature the music played at the wedding in my video for legal and quality reasons, I do set much of the video to music which captures the mood of the moment, be it romantic or light-hearted.  It's amazing what a fitting song will do to evoke emotions.
  • Share the excitement with friends and family who couldn't make it, and even with your children down the road!


"We couldn't have been happier with how stunning the whole video came out! Not only was it meticulously edited and organized- making it easy to relive any specific part of our day- the filming was elegant and artistic, highlighting the joy and excitement with music that always makes us smile and brings back the fondest of memories."
- Jesse & Tess Carter

"The video is awesome!!! I'm so glad you were able to be there to tape everything and make this for us!!! We watched it yesterday afternoon and I cried through most of it (which is a good sign), especially through most of the interviews. I'm so glad we'll have this to watch whenever we want to remember our wedding. Thank you so much, I think this is definitely the best wedding present we've received."
- David & Dana Schafer

"Brian - the DVD rocks!!! The 'guest greetings' part was a very nice surprise! That was really appreciated. Just a really great video and really special, man! Thanks so much!!!"
- Luke & Pam Manning

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